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  1. Truck has 320k on it, thanks it looks a lot like whats going on, truck is also cutting out/stalling and faulting the ECU apparently. Looking into mechanical pump conversion now, getting the engine running would be easy but not sure how the auto box/ecu would work without the electronic pump connected? Anyone here know much about this? Ill try get ahold of some of the guys on offroadexpress who have done similar but i haven't got an account so just trying to sort that out I think continueing with the ETi pump will only give headaches.
  2. Anyone here know much about these engines? I have a friend who has just bought a newish shape Terrano with a TD27 turbo ETi, I haven't had much chance to look at it properly but it seems to be hunting a bit at idle, moreso when cold. The RPM does not drop, rather sort of jumps and shudders up, eg at idle it sits at 1000, then will kind of jump between 1000/1300 and back. If you come to a stop at lights it will often do one big jump up to 1800/2000. No problems at higher RPM, holds load no problems etc so doesn't seem like a fuel supply/air issue. It is automagic so not sure what trickery
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