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  1. forgot to say fuel pump is factory altezza pump so all runs as it should. im kinda determined to figure it out more for shits n giggles that i made it work... link + quads would be nice tho. i will continue my efforts and report back on my progress. thanks guys
  2. has anyone pulled this off? trying to get a 3sge beams ecu to work as standalone. but its being a dork.. now ive herd need full loom. ive herd need speedo. have herd need fbw accel pedal.. but has anyone got actual success from any or all of the above? i can get this thing to run. but only at 1/2-full throttle. once the throttle has passed its fly by wire which controls 0-1/2 throttle. its for my own toy and dont really wanna go linkg4 as that would prob cost more than the entire build so far... open to any advise. but really need to find that one G.C. who has pulled it off.
  3. we need to finish truggy v2.0 for this. have been meaning to for like ever haha
  4. do you have a paddock? i can possibly arrange a vehicle to destroy. (from the scrappy not my yard haha)
  5. sweet so its on this sunday. looking foward to it. hope to meet some of you there.
  6. had a hunt but couldnt find any post's. if there is another post, please point it out.. but anywho.. whos going? were thinking of pulling out 1/2 doz cars for a display.. is O.S having a stand? thanks
  7. can now confirm we have the workshop tour booked in. i for one cannot wait to see what lurks in southwards garage
  8. Yeah hard, weee also looking for a wellington gc to put there hand up and rally the folk down there, will hook ya up a free oca sticker if you put your and up..
  9. Yea yanks n euros are more than welcome.. but must be of the old n cool variety.
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