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  1. So I need to make a chuck backplate. It's for a multisize collet chuck.

    It came with a backplate for a Colchester Student lathe. Which ALMOST fit! The L0 spindle nose taper is the same and the thread diameter is the same. But my lathe is german and metric so the thread pitch is 3mm compared to the 3/32"(4mm) of the Colchester. 

    Basically the same as the one ToT made here. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uAQLrM1P-YQ

    I need a fuck-off big round of cast iron... or mild steel will probably be okay.

    It needs to be 220mm diameter and 70mm long. It can be a bit bigger, but not much longer because it's too big for me to cut, I will have to turn any excess into swarf.

    In theory, I could cut it on the vertical bandsaw. But going by how long it takes to cut 25mm mild steel plate, I will be there for hours because there is no auto feed.

    It would be about 19KG.

    Steel & Tube Stainless(Seaview. Not the main S&T place) are not replying to emails.... and when I drove past last week, their building is empty.

    Easysteel came back with ~$200 for cast iron.

    Is this what I should expect to pay?

    Does anyone know where I might get a bit of cast iron or mild steel this size for less than $200?



  2. Soooo I finally found a big boy motor that wasn't shitloads of money.

    5.5KW Oh yeh!

    It's quite a bit bigger than the 2.2KW. It juuuust fits in the motor house, I have to put it on its side to get it through the door.



    I've got a 7.5KW VFD on the way. Which was 1.5 times as much as I paid for the motor.

    To run the VFD I had to get a 32Amp circuit installed in the garage, it will draw ~23 Amps. Fortunately I found a used outlet with a plug for fuck all. But the 6mm cable and conduit cost as much as the motor did. To save some money I pulled the cable and ran the conduit. But the electrician was almost as much again as the motor was.



    Hey @Muncie. What does this lever do? It's got a cam on the end that operates a couple of switches. I could probably use them as external switches on the VFD.







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  3. 10 hours ago, siren676 said:

    If they haven't sent it do you just want me to grab it and chuck on nzc for you?



    It's ~$150, they haven't charged me anything, so it's not paid for.

    If you could just find out what's happening. If they actually have it in stock. Or if they can get it, how long is it going to take.

    The order number I got was #2590 and it was on April 26th.



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  4. Has anyone dealt with Chevpack machinery since lockdown?

    Their website doesn't say anything about covid19. They have a FB page, but it hasn't been updated for years.

    I've emailed them and not had a reply for weeks.

    I did an order online, it went through, but the confirmation email said freight TBA. I have not been charged for anything. That was April 26th.

    I tried calling them last week. I spoke to an indian guy(I suspect it might have been a call answering service, not actually Chevpack) he said he would get someone from sales to call me.

    Still silence.

    They are the only place in NZ that lists the table nut for my RF30 mill.

  5. 19 hours ago, shrike said:

    Anyone got any recommendations on what a good size garage late or even a brand to go for? Keen to get one in the not so distant future, am keeping on eye out 2nd hand but would also consider new. 

    No idea what size the ones ive used in the past are

    Look in the "show us your shed" thread.... My Totalspan 8X12M came to ~$30K including the slab and assembly(excluding all electrics). I'm happy with it. That was 2 years ago.

  6. Just now, oldrx said:

    I like the look of the linked one below but doesn't go small enough - I need to bead some 5/8 ali tube. Does anyone know if something that will do 5/8 is available in NZ? 




    They are just vice grips with bits of metal welded to the jaws.... You could probably make some out of those cheap small size needle nose vice grips 

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  7. So my 80's Rong Fu RF30 mill has a bunch of backlash in the Y axis. So much that you cannot mill in that direction.

    Today I finally got around to lifting the heavy thing off its table so it was high enough to reach under and tighten up the adjusting screw on the feed nut.

    But no luck, it was at the end of its adjustment. So I took it off to have a better look. And it's REALLY worn.

    Surely they are available, you can still buy clones of the RF30.

    Yes, but OUCH! $143!



    I also found a bearing thrust race was missing, so one bearing wasn't doing anything. That was introducing <0.5mm backlash.

    They are cheap. :)


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