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  1. Thanks so much for the reply, thats exactly the kinda experienced reply I was after. Cheers!
  2. Hey everyone. I have been using flux core to patch up panels on my project car and im really happy with the results. Ive managed to get the welder dialled in nicely and the welds are clean and feel really strong. The main pain is constantly cleaning the welds between tacks but Ican live with that. Ive heard a couple times though that flux core can be porous and that it will hold moisture that will lead to ruining the paintjob. Is this just when ypu havent gor a good weld dialed in? Anyone have any experience with this? Also, is a phosphoric acid solution and etch primer enough to seal a weld seam prior to paint? Any help is much apreciated Cheers JD
  3. Thanks a lot guys some good options there. Cheers
  4. Hey everyone. Im currently stripping down a MK1 Escort to bare metal but its likely to be a long process as I dont get a lot of time to work on it each week. Just looking for recommendations for what to use on the bare metal to prevent further rusting while the rest of the body is being stripped down. There are so many products out there its pretty hard to choose something Thanks a lot