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  1. I can't imagine it would be as simple as tyres. I'm hoping it something simple like bent lower A arm I have a had a measure around them can't see any noticeable damage. So my next thing to look at is mismatched spindles hoping one is slightly lower or something. I'll just do as Peter said and just keep measuring to find a problem.
  2. An old boy at my work seemed to think the rear would do that. I personally can't understand how that would work? It has C section chassis would of thought would flex enough that rear would be on the piss not front if that was the case?
  3. So my truck has always had a bit of a gangster lean since I've had it. About 37mm higher in the front right looking at it then the front left. It's always annoyed me! So I bought new front coils and just installed them and it's still got the lean..... any one have any idea what's the problem?
  4. Rebuilt carburetor and acid dipped a few bits an pieces and currently rebuilding the heads in my lunch breaks.
  5. Nah I'll take it work and do a shit rebuild on it. I have the time and the tools so it's pretty easy. Has .75mm oversize pistons in it.
  6. I'm an engine rebuilder lol so it's like maybe half a day to rebuild a piece of crap like this but I just was hoping not to have to. It's def a head off job at the stage since one cylinder has been sitting with a lung of water for a few years.
  7. Old Barry's north. The more of this motor I look at the more it's a pile of crap and needs a rebuild.
  8. If my trailer stud pattern is falcon i just remembered I have some hustlers that will fit!
  9. Ex mani is water cooled but no baffle tanks so should be rather obnoxious hopefully. Trailer def needs some turbos I'll have to figure out the stud pattern nd find some and white letter tyres. A big high stack filter would be cool then just have a cool stainless inlet vent on the lid maybe would work.
  10. ^it's actually something I'm going to add to the engine lid since there is no cold air inlet for the motor. Cold air = more horse power
  11. I've got a collection of belts plus they cheap as chips from segedins just need some pulleys if you have some spare
  12. Good Lord Clint lol. Ogre it's currently running a sand trap and I'm making a heat exchanger at work for it at the moment out of a large diesel copper oil cooler.
  13. Currently taking submissions on boat names. Trying this one on today
  14. Don't sapose anyone has any Gilmer pulleys just lying around?
  15. It certainly does have twin exhaust! Working most nights after work at the moment on thus so hopefully won't take to long to get it back together for summer
  16. All the rest of my photos won't upload cos to big. Stupid
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