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  1. Sky sport will sell you a Web subscription for $15 for 24hrs access.

    It's hd, when I used it there was absolutely no streaming issues and no viruses.

    I have also used Vipbox with no worries for years though, just don't click on anything other than play.

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  2. Guards will take a 14x6 with a normal lowish pro tyre but the door will not open.


    I drove round for ages without being able to open the side door more than about 200mm with 14x7 0 nd micro tyres because they were the only legal tyres I had/lazy


    I remember Gal talking about bigger door rollers but the only one Ive seen with a work around was a guy who just cut the bottom off the sliding door and made it hinge down after you slide the main door open haha

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