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  1. 23 hours ago, Toddy415 said:

    Great few days in Cromwell a lot of sweet cars out, the cruise was very hard case. Plenty of hotwires and modgies to keep everyone happy.

    Good to catch up with @kiwi808 & @Mazda Dave and tour the vcc sheds. Barry of the day definately goes to kiwi808.

    Gutted we just missed @Datstan we were looking out for the skyline all day and even went down that row but somehow missed it. Super keen to see your c110 at some stage too.


    It was even hard to find my own in the crowd of tanks, was good to see some mazdas and an r32 there amongst others.

    Are you local? come up anytime if ya wanna have a look at the c110, I'm near Arrowtown.

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  2. On 10/12/2018 at 10:38, RUNAMUCK said:

    My mate Damon tuned the carb on that thing. It's an l20 with triples.  

    However I saw pics of a real deal c10 gtr here in chch over the weekend. (With s20) sold for $350k.......

    I doubt we'll. See Lil jonny ripping it.in.that any time soon.

    Yeah its still running very nicely on that tune.  Its a GT-X 4 speed, standard apart from the wheels. Would love to see that NZ KPGC10