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  1. There are always the questions being asked on this forum. "What is considered Oldschool?" or "Is my car Oldschool?" These are always very difficult to answer and to save the conflict you will more often than not be told to piss off. There are no real hard and fast rules for a cutoff date or style and the parameters can change over time but we have decided to try and define this as best as we can here. Some points you will agree with and some you will disagree but this is the best medium we can come up with - accept it - please. Oldschool cars are not defined by make or model or country of origin - so make and country of manufacture is irrelevant - end of story. What we can agree on is that anything made before November 1986 is definitely what we would call oldschool in NZ - this was the date when the government changed from black plates to white plates. We can mostly agree that if the model was made prior to 11/86 and continued into the next few years without a significant facelift would be well regarded as oldschool too - a good example is the Toyota KE70 which was made until mid 1987 and still sold new for the 18 months or so following that. Where it gets muddy is the next 5 years from '87 through '91. Some cars fit and some cars don't. Just as 1949 is a marker with traditional Hot Rods and fenders being moulded into the body then we will say 1989 is a marker for Old School cars and bumpers being moulded into the body. In both cases there are valid arguments for cars on either side of the line that are not considered correct by some. No - there will never be a standard answer for this and there is no need to force your opinion onto others no matter how strong that is. Getting your heckles up and starting an argument over it will result in your thread or post being deleted. Because we don't want the conflict. If you find your project thread has been moved to other projects and you truly believe it should be in the OS projects then PM a mod or admin and put your case forward. Thanks Admin Team
  2. As with any event that has been organised through OS then it's only fair that people who pull out at this stage after the booking has been locked in will need to pay still.
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