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  1. I recon you are onto it, I have checked automatic choke and all is working as it should. I recon carb is doing exactly what your description says. How do I locate this small passage way on the carb? Do I need to remove carb? Cheers
  2. Hey everyone, thank you all for your replies. So today I replaced the coil and ran smoothly for a while until I drove it hard or high revving then started to idle rough as usual till it eventually stalled, then hard to start. So the same as before. Smokin'Joe: it is a downdraft carb kws: auto choke
  3. Hey everyone, I have a 93 Corolla EE100 1.3 engine with a Aisan carb. I have spent many hours trying to work out its issue with no success. Issue description: Fitted new plugs and when engine gets hot performance declines, idle becomes rough till it eventually stalls, , sometimes it will start again. I remove the plugs (all are black and dry looking) and clean plugs, and reinstall. noting: I can see a slight fuely liquid build up on top of piston in all chambers. Corolla starts and runs primo and drives well until its hot. Work done: Carb cleaned and new kit fitted, new plugs, rings, valve stem seals, timing checked, drained fuel tank (just in case fuel was old), timing checked, belts replaced. Any advice greatly appreciated
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