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  1. For anyone that might come across this thread in future searching for an answer, I called Palmside and they said either 150 or 170 would be fine, the guy I spoke to said he would go 170.
  2. Cool thanks, will give 'em a call tomorrow.
  3. Just sent a pair of Dellorto's off to get vapor blasted and now I'm preparing to service and rebuild them when I get them back so went to order a Service kit from palmside and realised I have no idea what size needle valves to get. https://palmside.co.nz/collections/dellorto-parts-and-accessories/products/dellorto-dhla-genuine-service-kit-for-2-carbs They're going on a 1600 Kent (Escort 1600 sport), I think it may have a mildly worked cam as it definitely sounds a bit lumpy but not sure for certain. Never done this before so not really sure what I should be aware of in order to get the correct NV size, any help and/or advice would be just swell.
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