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  1. Thanks for that. Im rather fortunate that Phil Bradshaw has assisted me with some of my concerns. The "other " guy just wants me to send more money for ongoing support and at $175 an hour for a handful of email responses, I think I will pass and pursue other avenues. I've already directed over 2g in his direction for components that Ive since been told should not have been more than $500.
  2. Hi to you all. I am in the process of wiring up a 1998-99 1UZ-FE VVTI from a Japanese imported LS400 Celsior. Im using an immobilised ecu courtesy of KG in NZ. Getting accurate responses to some questions has been difficult so i thought I would try my luck here. I hope someone has this knowledge. Yes/ No. The only diagnostic wire in the body loom that connects to the ecu appears to be TC in plug D, pin5( a 28 pin plug in my application) I assume all other must have originally run to dash plugs and the like! I have a 10 pin transmission selector plug, I have detail on inputs to pins 1 through to 9, nothing for pin 10. Is pin 10 used or not? ( Im using an LS400 selector from US) Oil level sensor wire / plug location- not present in the body loom? Do I need to run this separately? I think this is for transmission oil level. I will run a separate engine oil pressure gauge( to what psi 120 ?) Output body plug wire, blu/red pin 8 to PARK. Do I split this wire and feed one to trans selector pin9 Park and the other to ecu, plug D, pin 15 P Similarly, Body plug wire, light green/red, pin 9 Neutral, split this and feed to pin 4 shifter and the other to ecu, plug D, pin 20 It appears that both the transmission gear selector and the ecu both need identical inputs for Neutral and Park. Correct?? RSPD, shift lock- just make sure this has a 12volt supply? And lastly, ECT power mode input, just run wire to earth to provide full power always. Correct?? I hope to fuse a few ecu inputs, Batt, +B1,, +B etc. Any idea of recommended fuse size, was thinking 7.5 amps. Any help on any or all of these questions will be much appreciated. Regards, Geoff geoff@shingokankaratemountgambier.com.au
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