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  1. Found some BBS rims that I look tidy as 9.5 wide up front might rub on steering arm at full lock?
  2. Have decided to stay true to my original plan and go for jdm style wheels as much as I love 12 slots and eagers I’m not sure the crown would suit them so I’m on the hunt for old school mesh style wheels Deep dish staggered rims are also dope as What have you guys run on your Toyota’s? discussion link below What wheels you reckon? PFA
  3. Sunday had a few hours free for shed time and beers so pulled out front springs and tried to fit some XF falcon front springs but couldn’t get them to fit as they spring diameter is 10mm larger The reason for that is the front is about 20mm to low on cut standard springs and rear is 40mm to high needs compressing and I’d had these XF springs sitting for years so tried to use them up front Have now decided to get shit done properly and have ordered through BNT pukekohe low springs for front and standard Springs rear once I get the wheels I want I can install new springs and compress down to required height and new bushes etc.The shocks I have are shortened KYBs so can re use those chucked on wheels of my old hiace for a laugh started it up still running rough.drove onto driveway then turned it off then under bonnet tinkering away go to jump back in drivers seat and hello the alarm locked the car so now it’s sitting in my driveway with the only key in ignition pretty pissed off at myself because I’d been cautious of that all afternoon till then ffs so yeah may as well give it a wash because I’m locked out of the bloody thing
  4. Project discussion thread.Any tips and tricks with old Toyota’s is appreciated
  5. Love the old school stance on the old XF This is how I want to set up my crown but on blacked out 12 slots and eagers
  6. Discussion thread Hey team.Thought I’d spark up a project thread for old bluey Has been in storage for years.Last Wof reg in 2014. Got it back home now as I’ve built a shed.There must’ve been a rat living in the engine bay rat shit everywhere. Cleaned all that out and degreased motor. Has a fuel issue .I can get it running if I poor petrol down the carb Otherwise it doesn’t start.Decided I should pull the fuel tank out drain and clean it and check the pickup for blockage That means pulling the rear AC shit out to remove the tank what a mission Current plan is to get it running and drive able Get as low as possible on some old school rims WOF and Reg. There is rust around sunroof and rear windscreen which will need fixing