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  1. Thanks for your help. Ended up pulling the gearbox apart and found the problem. Just got to put it back together now lol. Off on holiday soon so it's going to have to wait a week. Here's some links I found that might be useful for someone. How to rebuild a KM-132 gearbox Don't believe what you read on the nett. Not all 4WD are wide block. Here's some info about the motors/engines
  2. yea that's always the problem with second hand stuff. At least you can remove the bottom pan and have a good look inside first. Plently of 2wd boxes around but no 4wd. Was hoping it would be a simple job to sway the transfer case over. The output shaft could be too long though.
  3. if I get a wide block 2wd gearbox, then can I pull the tail housing off and fit the transfer case. Is the output shaft the same between the 2. thx
  4. Thanks guys. I measured the blocks today. The 2.6 is wide and the 2.0 is narrow so that's the end of that idea. Would anyone know if the 2.6 2wd gearbox can be turned into a 4wd one by removing the tail housing and bolting on the transfer case?.
  5. So you don't know so you start calling people names?.
  6. Got a 1986 L200 4x4 petrol 2.0 litre 4 speed manual and want to fit a 5 speed out of a 1990 4x4 2.6 petrol. Is this a straight swap over Are both of these motors wide blocks Are they the same length including the transfer case will the drive shafts fit are the clutches the same. thx in advance