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  1. Thats from aussie. There are other alternatives if the original registration isnt obtainable, just more paperwork and takes longer. I dont deal with the paperwork side of things, just assist inspection and carry out repairs if the customer chooses so. 

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  2. While I am waiting for rust repair sections to arrive from the USA for my '54 customline. 

    I thought of having another couple of in-expensive car related projects on the go.

    A mate bought a couple of 100e ford prefects off trademe a couple of weeks ago, robbed what they needed for their prefect and offered me the rest for a small fee.

    I have always wanted to do a half-car trailer and the missus is keen on a front cut garden bed for her to plant some flowers and hang her fancy LED lights off.

    So I accepted the offer and ended up with 2, 100e prefects up my drive.



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