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  1. Hey all, i just thought I’d put up some of the latest photos....
  2. More rot, damage found this week, front chassis rails seemed ok, but closer inspection revealed issues. A couple of calls later a new left front rail is on its way from Palmside. Which means the body guys can keep going on the front while we wait for a new rear quarter to arrive from the UK. Ive decided to go for white, with black accents and hopefully a carbon fibre rear spoiler. Got an engine builder lined up to give mine a look over, hopefully it can be rescued. I’m trying to find some genuine seats as the original ones have had the adjusters welded up solid. The plan is to have the car running a road legal by the end of the year. i seem to be saying “ hopefully “ a bit just lately .....
  3. Still trying to decide where to go with colour. i like the green, I also like the orange, but I think im going white. Vin plate shows paint code OQ, i cant find out what it was originally . blaster found green, blue and yellow. Be good to know how it started. Phil
  4. Floor, firewall, sills and door posts so far......
  5. Hi All, bought this car at the end of 2018. South African import, expecting trouble. I knew it had issues, what 40yr old doesnt; just desperate to get something and get started. 1980 1600 Sport in green ( amongst other colours ) its been sand blasted, stripped and finally getting some new metal in place. ill update with more posts later, just checking this works ok. Phil