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    Hi all, New progress since last on here; I just bought a universal fuel pump to replace the mechanical Chrysler one she had as stock. Getting on with this build has been an interesting challenge; mostly due to my inexperience, the distance I have to drive out in the desert to where I store the car and the fact I work nights but I'm really keen to get her moving under her own power before I have to help my father move his stuff up to Oregon- once I get it sucking petrol from the tank like it's meant to I'm focusing on brakes next! Played with the electrics and half do work (Low beam lights, wipers, air con and the driver's side window) while the clock, radio antennae, radio, horn ring and turn signals are all taking a nap. Found that somebody disconnected the black ground wire on the L side horn *Has one hooter on each side of the engine bay behind the grille* so I wired it back up, put a little tape around it and... still no toot. Wish me luck haha >to be continued...