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  1. There are water jacket bosses cast into the intake runners. I have tapped fittings into these for the heater core and bypass etc. Then i have an inline thermostat from a rover that will isolate the radiator until it is up to temp. Just been trial and error really.
  2. Currently making up some adjustable arms for the rear end to hold the L200 beam axle in place. Have had custom mounts water jetted out of 10mm mild steel to weld on. Excited to finally have the chassis rolling again soon.
  3. Engine reunited with the transmission and reinstalled in the engine bay today.
  4. Quick mock up as I couldn't resist. Going to look great and run so much better than standard. Doort Doort!
  5. Received intake runners to mount the R1 carbs. Courtesy of Robbie at Whittley Tune, Check out some of his work here. https://www.facebook.com/WhitleyTune/?hc_ref=SEARCH . Quick fettle and they will be ready to mount up.
  6. Yummy bits today to make up the new loom. Basic wiring from link plus a Deutsch connector kit and 33pin bulkhead plug for the fire wall. Also an inline thermostat for the fresh water systems.
  7. Not my proudest bit of fabrication but does the job nonetheless.
  8. Front shock mocked up in place. Will need to be removed for crack testing later.
  9. Made my own catch can out of aluminium pipe with press fit end caps. Pretty happy with the result.
  10. Machined teeth into damper for crank angle pickup. Hopefully enough to provide an accurate pickup.
  11. Drew up the parts required to mount coils in solidworks. Spaced out as per spark plug spacing
  12. LS Coils purchased today. Along with plugs, IAT sensor, Coolant Temp Sensor, Inline thermostat housing and new Head bolts
  13. Engine bay now officially satin black. Rubber Underseal still to go for wheel arches, transmission and driveshaft tunnel and fuel tank as well as anywhere else I can get out of the tin.
  14. Finally found some valve locks and got the cylinder head finish assembled. Still needs lash to be set. Time to bolt it down to the block and time it up ready for exhaust and intake mockup.
  15. Stripped and rumbled the L200 LSD. Turned out to be a clutch pack 2 way assembly. Pretty happy to discover this. Nice and shiney after a day of rumbling.
  16. Little bit of progress with the ECU. Got the board populated. Need to buy all the sensors etc now and start designing how the harness will work.
  17. I like them too, Yeah i dig the old green. Need to get a pot of the original colour for the outside anyway so might just use that.
  18. The beginnings of priming and sanding the engine bay for fresh paint. Tossing up whether I keep the stock green under here or something different. Any suggestions what colour the engine bay might suit?
  19. Stub axles welded to D2 tubes thanks to Josh. Ready for crack testing
  20. New D2 shocks arrived with weld on tube sleeves. Shocks are sporting custom camber plates design courtesy of Poo and water jet out of 10 mm aluminium thanks to Adam.
  21. Yeah man will have to grab a beer or something at some point. Hopefully the little speedunio computer will do the trick.
  22. All the bits for the new speeduino computer showed up this morning. No more distributor for this engine. Going to use this to run crank fire ignition. Time to dust off the soldering iron and see if I have retained any electrical skills.
  23. Oooh Shiny!. New Rear shocks have arrived D2s for the front still on their way. Now just need to make the mounts for the new diff and beam axle to get the new rear end all fitted up.
  24. Love it man, Looking forward to seeing what you do with yours
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