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  1. 14 minutes ago, anglia4 said:

    This is my favourite internet project of all time.

    Love your work.

    Will you repair that or have another go? Seems a huge amount of work to be doing again... or can you reuse the cores etc?

    Cheers. I do want to make a few more. But doing it in the garage is really limiting and makes it a lot harder than it needs to be. I need to figure out a better way.

    The best way would be to re design the patterns so that the foundry could easily handle them. Then I take them there and do it all. At the moment they are not very user friendly.

    I think I will weld this one up and make it usable because really all its doing is holding oil.

    I can re use the patterns to make new cores/moulds (on the patterns that I didnt break!). The cores are the inner bits and the moulds are the outer bits, they are made from sand and are only a one time use.

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  2. 27 minutes ago, flyingbrick said:

    Any imperfection in the sand is only going to make it look more authentic! bloody amazing, so now you have to transport it carefully to the foundry?

    Now I need to drill riser and vent holes in it.

    Make the big inner core, big runner system and 2 small cores. Fit it all together. Decide if im going to bolt it all together or not.

    Im concerned its not going to get enough pressure in the top of the pattern where the thin fins are. So im going to add some extra bits which is going to take some mucking around.

    Then see if the El Camino can carry it :grin: (pretty sure it cant!)





  3. 12 hours ago, FraserNZ said:

    I honestly don't know whether you are a genius or just plain barking mad!  I am seriously in awe of what you are doing, it is absolutely fantastic and I really enjoy your updates.

    P.S.  From you user name and image, I assume your are the same guy that used to frequent the old Lotus7.co.nz forum many years ago?

    Yeah thats me. Still have the 7 in NZ, wrapped up in a tarp.

    I started this blog on there but they had issues at some point and it got deleted.




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  4. 2 hours ago, flyingbrick said:

    Do you have to worry about your components looking too perfect compared to the originals? 

    Yeah it’s a good point.

    For me I don’t really care at the moment. 
    For someone replacing an original part they probably would want it to match the engine better.

    It would be hard to replicate the porosity and dross they have in there so I havnt looked into that.

    I have looked into aging the Ali though. Can boil in oil, cook in a charcoal dirty fire, acid wash and some other tricks. Will give it a go one day.

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  5. 24 minutes ago, datlow said:

    How does one just happen to have a crankshaft lying about??

    as always  A++ effort


    Estate auctions I guess. :thumbleft:

    10 minutes ago, Yowzer said:

    Looks like they gave up halfway through machining it. Must be a heavy sucker

    Yeah it does. The modern ones are wasted away. Technically its statically balanced without 'counter weighting' but I have no idea about dynamic balancing.

    These lived a lot longer than the 59 cranks which were a different firing order. T57 is 2-4-2 dynamically balanced where as the T59 was 4-4.




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