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  1. After a bit more research it looks like it's manufacture date, not registration in NZ date. "2.1(2) A motor vehicle does not have to be fitted with seatbelts if it was manufactured, or first registered in any country, before 1 January 1955, but if seatbelts are fitted, they must be attached to seatbelt anchorages that are of an appropriate type, as specified in 2.6, and:" https://www.nzta.govt.nz/resources/rules/seatbelts-and-seatbelt-anchorages-2002/#211 And also here on virms even though it says "First registered in NZ", on the tables themselves it reads either "registered anywhere" or "manufactured". So a bit confusing to read but the legislation itself looks fairly clear. https://vehicleinspection.nzta.govt.nz/virms/in-service-wof-and-cof/general/vehicle-interior/seatbelts-and-seatbelt-anchorages Happy enough to be wrong, but good to have the right info for anyone else looking.
  2. I picked up an old Cadillac off FB that I would like to put through entry compliance and enjoy. It had all new front bushes with zerks and new seals when it was imported 24 years ago but now the rubber dust caps have perished although the suspension is tight because it has only been for the odd blat up the road since replaced. Will the missing dust covers/seals trip me up when I put it through compliance if I take them off or is it more a case of if everything is tight they will be happy? Bushings themselves are not rubber. Car was first registered in the US in 1954, if I am reading the legislation correctly it won't need seatbelts as on the road prior to Jan/1955 even if not in NZ? I hope this is the case as has jump seats that would be a pain to deal with. I had previously read that an imported car has to be registered by the person that imported it and can't be sold for 6 months. Is this still the go or is a paper trail sweet to show where it come from? Cheers.
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