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  1. I wouldn't go that far, Its not a waste of time if one is not a complete muppet when it comes to electronics, but like I said with the Dynafari wiring, It aint no thing but a chicken wing. 

    If it is the ecu temp sensor thats faulty then the average driver will not know any difference, temp gauge may be reading correctly but (for example) ecu sensor isn't reading over 70c and needs to get to say 86c before switching to closed loop fueling

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  2. Its definitely viable that the ecu can have its own temp sensor (euros are good for it). So if the ecu temp sensor is reading wrong the ecu will think that the car is cold and run it on open loop, essentially dumping in more fuel to be "safe"

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  3. I got work to get a Projecta 950amp one as nurses are amazing at leaving their lights on, leaving doors open etc.

    So far I've jumped 6 vehicles (enough power to click) and 1 Isuzu Journey that was dead flat and its still got 3/4 battery level in it.

    Has ports for device charging etc. 

    Highly recommended although our price was something like $160


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  4. Cunt, Go to Brightwater engineers and ask for Kerry (he may be over at the old PK engineering yard) and tell him that cunt shane sent you.

    Hes a spring maker but can also get yours reset, but may as well get some monster truck style ones made to make a MONSTER BUS lol

  5. R36 Passat Vs S4.

    I have a B6 s4, it took me about 8 months of hunting to secure a 6 speed manual one. Yes they have a timing chain tensioner issue which you fix once (with metal rs4 guides) and never have the problem again.

    Definitely doesn't cost 10k to repair as someone mentioned, as with most Euros, its about researching the parts required and getting the best price for said parts and doing the work yourself

    Now a friend of mine had a R36 Passat for about 7 months. Passat is a nice enough car to drive but we both agreed that the S4 was superior and simply more enjoyable to drive,

    She's now keeping an eye out for a S4, MUST be 4.2 V8, MUST be manual.


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