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  1. 1979 Toyota Corolla restore

    Just a small update. Been putting the car back together. Gave all the windows a good clean, got them looking crystal clear. They did have tints on them but they were quite rough, so decided to pull them off and clean up the glass. Also been doing more upholstery, almost completed the seats, but ran out of material and thread. I tried covering the dash in vinyl but gave up. Iv glued up the cracks and put a textured finish on it, and then painted it, its come up good.
  2. 1979 Toyota Corolla restore

    You can see in the pictures, the way I done it in separate pieces, then glued it all down. I didn't bother with underlay as I'm not to fussed with the softeness and noise. The few yellow bits in the photos are where the seat rails bolt On, il bolt in the seats then cover the rest with carpet.
  3. 1979 Toyota Corolla restore

    So ordered some bkack carpet and binding. Striped out the old worn carpet. I done the carpet in a few different pieces, not just one big piece. I also made up a shift boot and handbrake boot , out of vinyl, and sewed it to the carpet. Then got some binding and sewed it around the edges to make it look tidier.
  4. 1979 Toyota Corolla restore

    The dash pad needs to be fixed up aswell. It was covered in the same material as wool sacks haha. Very rough, I pulled it off and Iv seen worse dashes. I tried to recover it in vinyl but couldn't get the corners right. I couldnt pull out the creases on the corners, so I have decided , I will fix up the holes and re paint it. Also got the engine bay tidied up and painted. Got the motor back in. I had a 3k block laying around, but no head. I am going to take the head off the 4k , that came with the car, and bolt that onto the 3k. Going backwards I know, but it came out factory with a 3k, and it isn't a race car. So got some gaskets and will get that done over the weekend.
  5. 1979 Toyota Corolla restore

    So I started pulling the dash out, I want the interior to be all black, so am going to paint all the plastic bits. I also removed the heater box. The previous owner had disconnected it, I presume because it leaked. I pulled the heater apart, and got to the heater core, surprise it had a small pin hole in it. I soldered it up and tested it, it's good now, so can put it back in and a warm working heater. Next on the list is new carpet
  6. 1979 Toyota Corolla restore

    So finally got the body painted. Now the fun part of putting it all back together. Also picked up some factory 13" rims , that I'm painting black, and putting on that white walls. Found the fastest way to Mask up wheels for paint is using cards.
  7. 1979 Toyota Corolla restore

    That's the finished product for one of the seats. Defanatly not as easy as I thought. I appreciate the work of pro upholsters. For a first attempt, I think it turned out alright, better then they were before, I think anyway. There's a few loose bits that need to be stretched out, but not sure how to do it without taking the cover back off and glueing it down.
  8. 1979 Toyota Corolla restore

    Here's a Bit more pictures of the sewing. It's quite hard as the machine is super quick and i can't slow it done anymore. There's no room for mistakes haha. Un stitched the old covers and traced them onto the new vinyl. Got them sewn up along with some pleats and piping.
  9. 1979 Toyota Corolla restore

    Here's my beast I picked up for $50. It's not a walking foot machine, if been told it's quite hard doing upholstery work without the walking foot, especially sewing vinyl. But I purchased a roller wheel attachment which is meant to help a little.
  10. 1979 Toyota Corolla restore

    Got the seats all pulled apart. Marked all the peices so I don't get lost and have un stiched all the pieces. Iv ordered some black vinyl material. And some piping cord. Also bought a industrial sewing machine for $50.
  11. 1979 Toyota Corolla restore

    So now just waiting on some fine weather to get the rest of the car painted. Started pulling the seats apart to recover them. The drivers seat was the worst, wasn't two bad, a few small rips but I want to learn upholstery . So figured I'd give it a go
  12. 1979 Toyota Corolla restore

    Got the engine bay cleaned up and painted. The body is all paneled and primed now. Just about ready to paint, just a few small imperfections to tidy up and then wait for a sunny day to paint it. All my painting is just done a a outside shed I rigged up made from corrugated iron roof and plastic sides. Not perfect but defanatly better then painting outside under no cover
  13. 1979 Toyota Corolla restore

    Engine out and need to tidy up the engine bay. The wiring and hoses need to be sorted out as someone and done some dodgy wiring. Also still on the hunt for another engine.
  14. 1979 Toyota Corolla restore

    Got the windows all out, took forever to get all the tacky windscreen sealnt off. The plastic trim that goes inside the rubber is shot. There was no way to save it, it was far to brittle. I will need to find some new stuff. Also got the car all masked up, and engine out
  15. 1979 Toyota Corolla restore

    Also stripped out the interior and painted the dash and roof lining. I want all the interior to be black and am going to upolster all the seats in black (well, give it a go) .