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  1. so anyway im crap at this internet type stuff so heres an update ive had coilovers made and ke20 lcas and ke70 sway bar and castor arms fitted thats how she sits for now coilovers and lcas brackets for the new castor arms and swaybar
  2. This is my kp61 starlet build when i first got my hands on it it was an auto but was fairly tidy i had crack at manual converting but it didn't turn out the best so now im going back and repairing my terrible work and hopefully ending up with something that can beat my dads mini clubman it was running a 4k and a kp k50 gearbox but i am currently deciding what im going to put back into it. this is it as it sits awaiting panel and paint Discussion here //oldschool.co.nz/index.php?/topic/48354-beige-bullets-1984-toyota-starlet-discussion/
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