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While motor's in shop I looked at diff. It's nothing special, the good old Borg Warner 75 single peeler (as they bloody well should be) -  these are relatively light and strong enough if not abused, but has been leaking for a while. I've never played with diffs so fumbled my way through disassembly, pretty sure it's only leaking at pinion seal and oil's been carried over rest of diff, but I'll change the housing gasket as well.

Jacked her up and pulled cover, should have done this after getting pinion nut off as it dripped stinky oil over me while I struggled under the thing, was wearing work polo too so gonna stink of diff oil for a while. At least I know there was some still innit... :)

Man these things are tight (torque setting is a massive 265 ft/lbs) and working on axle stands there's no room to swing a breaker bar...

After bashing, levering, swearing and heaving (and using a rattle impact gun that just made me deaf) eventually got it free by using giant wrench on the yoke (wedged against block of wood) and jacking the flex handle up. Went with a crack that had me shitting myself, but was able to get nut off ok...

Of course I was in such a hurry to get things apart I hadn't read any procedure, so neglected to count threads exposed or see what torque was required to spin the yoke. So I spun nut back on and managed to rangi-spec a system that would let me use my inch-lb torque wrench on the 1/2" drive pinion socket, took around 64 in-lbs to rotate freely...

Was pleased my baby puller got flange/yoke out ok. I did mark this so it can go back in right position at least...

And success. levered out old seal, and the rubber was brittle as hell after 46 yrs, not much sealing happening there...

A little concerned at the wear marks on the yoke shaft, but I'll clean that up a bit and see how it goes. I've ordered a new seal and cover gasket, and hopefully just doing the seal I'll be able to torque it back up to where it was before, so pre-load is thereabouts.
Noticed the brake lines are looking a bit dubious too so will prob change these out as well...

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Random bits

I bought a bigger sway bar on tardme to see if it improves handling any, seems ok but was yellow, so stripped and painted in my favourite durepox black, along with a few other bits...

Putting in new universals too, got them out by the 'bash with big socket over cap while resting on bits of wood' method - looks like not before time...


While I was doing this I thought I'd paint the distributor, as OCD me don't like the red under the bonnet. Shouldn't be any electrical tracking dramas with epoxy, and hopefully it sticks well to the plastic. Just cleaned it with solvent, masked the connector turrets and shot it with a gloopy mess of paint (was down to last bit of tin and it had thickened to an almost jelly consistency)...


Surprised it managed to spray at all, but came out tolerable - I'll just tell people it was an attempt at a wrinkle finish...

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Much swearing later got driver's side completely out. Learnt for next side to get brake caliper bolts out while there are still bits holding it in place.  :-)  Had to drill/chisel rivets off to get lower ball joint out, and hoping there's a press at work I can borrow to remove/fit control arm bush...

And bits semi-cleaned up. More cleaning and lick of paint on the cards till parts arrive...

Whole lotta nuthin under the front end now...

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Success, coupla sockets, bit of scrap steel for a spacer/brace and into the shop press. Pump, pump, pu...BANG...!

Fuck I love hydraulics...  :thumbright:

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I'm a bit over cleaning dirty/rusty bits of metal.

Got lots of little bits cleaned up and chucked some paint on them Sunday arvo...

and went home at lunchtime today for another coat...

Still got control arms to pick up from blasters to paint but getting closer to putting it back together...

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Got bits back from blasters. $30 to get these done, shit that's worth it to save a lot of time and effort (cheers Sievwright). Saw an XA shell on a rotisserie while there too...

Bit of damage from someone's previous attempts to get rivets out by the look of it...

So quick blat with the welder/grinder/drill at lunchtime, and ready for paint. Will try to get some on tonight...

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Took advantage of good weather to get couple of coats on after work. Think I'm learning.
A thin first coat to get good coverage, then a thicker mix (less reducer) laid on a couple of hrs later for a smooth coat. Noticed surface was a bit rough from blasting medium so a very light sand before second spray and it looks pretty good...

Going to whiskey festival tomorrow so weekend probably rooted regards assembly... :)


And just received bill for engine work.

Inspected, disassembled, block chemically cleaned & bored, conrods honed, journals ground/polished, and assembled with new pistons, rings, main and big end bearings. $1600 all up. Not too bad I reckon...

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Picked up rebuilt short block today, always get a bit depressed about my shed when I see a nice clean workshop... :)

Will be wrapped for a while as I'm trying to sort out the piles of shit in my shed, working on knowing where my tools are and having clean working areas before I get back into it...

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