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So its been awhile still in WA australia and sold both my escorts, bought a house with a good sized shed thats empty... thought you know what goes in here well.




So I ended up getting this 1970 Hillman Hunter Royal HE of this guy up in perth thats had it for 20 years collecting bits and pieces but got cancer and needed it to move on to someone who will do it up.


Its a matt black spray can jobber someones slapped a wing on it for god knows what reason. Came with all new doors, front end, bonnet, boot lid, engine, transmission, and boxes full of unused and used parts aswell as badges lots and lots of badges so if people need parts and dont mind it coming from over here might be able to help


So here it is in all its glory and the amazing bit of engine bay art


Heres the discussion 



Forgot how to post and dont have a computer to bare with me




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Also the sweet sweet number plate HUNTER HE 

So where all things start... seeing what doesnt work and what parts I have

Bloke seems to think it was something to do with the dizzy and points so I have like 4 new ones to try out from his stockpile


Also about 6-7 stromburg carbys aswell as being able to install two so who knows we will see how things pan out

My partner doesn't want to keep the engine bay art either... she thinks her parents might not approve






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So another couple days of trying to get it running well... this time I actually got it started ran kinda rough as hell but it went. Untill i played with it more now I've gone backwards.

Looking at a decent starter and maybe do away with the points.

Also found out the guy I got it off didn't transfer the private plates 20 years ago so I've had to track down 2 deceased estates to see if I can keep the plates or just bite the bullet and get gross new ones

Also gave it a bit of a clean looked like someone was hotboxing in it the windows were like tar sticky and so were the seats which are original I'm assuming no rips or tears so win. Basically meaningless cosmetic tidying so i didn't feel like i needed to shower by just looking at it.

One of my mates is the local panel and paint guy so I've had him look at it. Without doing a showroom fancy job on it thats about maybe 5-6k if im lucky.

Also heres a hose someone put on.... basically filled with cheese

Also the original brochures and ownership stuff from when the dealer got the vehicle which is kind of cool

Heres an idea forgot who has this one but its similar to how I wanted to do one of my escorts. Like a turquoise teal with white.










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So only a minor update on it today


Weather was all over the show and I still haven't moved it into the shed. Took me far to long to remove the coil since my arms aren't long enough to reach both side but a couple bricks came in handy so thats removed and then messaging my brother for tips and help and after adjusting the points. Its now idling well not smooth but hey it goes when I turn the key now and stays on.

Just before the sky turned black with thunder clouds and poured down. 

So here is a picture of my ducks which basically resemble the paint work on the car having a blast. Also yes I need to mow the lawns


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Moved it into the shed the other night, loud as almighty neighbours definately wont appreciate that. Also the clutch feel super spongey and grinds a bit so it came with another brand new clutch. Next weeks job I guess also give the brakes some juice.


Luckily I moved it in tho think the boot leaks a smidge and one of the passengers window seals are scuffed. Think we had a months worth of rain in one day or something.


Another update when i move stuff around give it a tune and what not after I finish my swing. Perks of a week on week off

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