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worst of the rust.  nothing major but in c# of a spot.

The rest of the rust is small spots that have bubbled under paint, unfortunately its     in    every    single     individual     panel.  Hence the media blasting and re paint.


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After talking to the panel beater I will be using he recommended a blasting company that he knows and trusts.

I went down and had a chat with the guys at the blasting company and they will do the job but are not really that keen on doing car body work , they are more of a commercial set up .

Seems that no one in Tauranga really wants to media blast car bodies after talking to a few other blasting outfits. car owners are too high maintenance as far as blasting goes etc etc as well as the risk of damaging panels.


To even get the job done (blasting) I will need to remove the paint from any large flat sections of the car myself then they can finish the job with the blasting.


I have got myself a bunch of strip disks , the orange coral looking kind and after looking around the forums went with phosphoric acid to protect the bare metal until it gets to the blaster. I got it in the form of deoxidine 624. 


I just want to make sure that Im doing this right.... apply deoxidine with steel wool or equivalent... wipe off with meths on clean rag ... wipe off again with dry rag.

And this will provide a rust protected surface for a while until I get it into the shop ?


Anyone who has used deoxidine help a brother out



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So I finally found some time (with all this rain) to get down to steel and tube and pick up a length of 50 x 50 x 2.5 RHS for the rotisserie / turntable ?

Got it all cut up on the el band saw , with the customary bucket and disk break prop on the far end.

Most of it is tacked up and will be going over to a mates who has a grunty-er welder to finish up.




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Front bar of the turntable. Holes offset and will screw down into the original bumper holes.


Should have it spinning in a few days time.

Have finished grinding back and paint stripping both the bonnet and front guards. nothing major to report , rust holes in the usual places and a few dings that have been bogged up.


Have been really struggling to find either Keyphos or Epiphos. I have asked at three diff auto paint suppliers and no luck.

The Deoxideine does a really good job of removing surface rust but it cant get even looked at by moisture or it starts to loose its magical powers.


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