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Kirk28’s 230 Wagonz (oz) of rusty triplicate.


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Discussion thread here; ideas welcome.

So things have snowballed.

have sourced 4 H230 260c’s from different parts of the country in as many days.

one is rust fcked badly. Three on the tree blue interior.8 seater.

Second one is rusty plus hit a tree 6 years ago (rail twisted). Paddock special; dirty but pretty mint black interior 3 on the tree. 8 seater.

3rd one is so-so rust victim (so-so for a datsun is “oh no!” for other marques ) driven where it sits 5 years ago. 3 on the tree 8 seater blue interior.

4th was always going to be a pipe dream; was in WA (though mate in shipping can get cars to me at a good discount).the owner thinks it was worth a few k, and is going to get around to fixing one day et cetera et cetera. On top of all this it’s rust looked fkn ferocious and other WA rust hunters woulda been all over it.

ended up cutting a deal on 3, one in rural nsw, one in rural victoria, one in the outskirts of Sydney.

have a mate out near Bathurst where I can store them and to see if i can make one good one outta three basket cases.



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So originally I bought the stoved 230 wags for the rear dickie seat. This required sawing the car in two, hauling it back to a mates workshop and getting it into the air alongside my 330 wagon to get the right fit for the dickie tray into the 330...

We were just about in the act of cutting the green stoved 260c in half; when old mate Who was assisting me in chopping the bitch in two exclaimed “Why not make a half car camper!”

the makita was put down and things quickly went the way of a half wagon/camper (half 230 would that make it a 115 260c?).

these things have plenty of room, totally flat floor, makes sense, and would look the part behind my 330.

if i’m lucky the one in Victoria is okish; then I might be also able to come away with one good wagon as well as a trailer, as well as sort out some parts for some other antipodean 230 wagon purveyors. 






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