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MrFred 1965 Hillman Super Minx


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Hi All,


I though I would start posting abut my latest upgrade to my 1965 Hillman Super Minx. A few months ago I bought 2 Weber IDF 40 down drought carburetors to fit. I know it will never be a speed daemon but I just like building things. Carb's are new to me as I mostly work on injected engines so this was bit of a learning curve (still is). 

I will add some more posts of the build when I get more time.


Here is a photo of the carbs when they arrived


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As this engine has the intake and exhaust manifolds in one flange I have to build the Intake and exhaust at the same time. Using Solidworks I sketched up the flanges and got them laser cut out of 10mm mild steel. Shopping around I found that Stainless Design was pretty good on price and and had good service (also have a work account with them).


I started looking around for Extractor calculations to get the right size pipe diameters and primary lengths. I found it hard to find a reliable formula as some of the sizes seemed too small or too long.  In the end after talking to a few people I just went with best guess. My first design was 4-1 style extractors but after reading a few forms and doing some research I settled on a 4-2-1 design. Lucky there is quite a bit of room in my engine bay. 


In the end the Intake is 38mm, Exhaust is 32mm Diameter for the first 315mm then 40mm after the join with a total length of 1100mm finishing with a 50mm section


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Built up the rest of the manifold. It was a little rough (ie not grinding down all the welds) as I planed to heat wrap (not sure any more though)20161229_150121_1484437023711_resized.jpg

Once Installed I had to build the synchronization link between the 2 carbs and run new fuel lines plus accelerator linkage. 

I decided to work late to get it all done. Finally finished it at about midnight and thought I would lake it out for the first run. Everything was going well until I pulled out on the the main road and the accelerator pedal fell to the floor. Luckily the idle was high and I managed to ride the clutch until I got off the road. Turns out I didn't put a split pin in the accelerator linkage and it was lying on the ground. After some tweaking I was good to go again. Definitely more power and acceleration.20161223_153609_1484437027860_resized.jpg

Hopefully I'll post a video of it running soon.



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