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legendlives 1938 Ford 8. The Reaper's return


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A few factoids about Cheatin’ The Reaper:

I named it ‘Cheatin’ The Reaper’ as after all of the stupid shit I’ve done in my life, even I’m surprised I’m still here….

The car was manufactured in 1938, making it 80 years old this year! It’s like taking your Granny and giving her heart, lungs, hips and knee transplants!

I’ve been building it for 2 ½ years and spent approximately 1,000 hours on it so far.

In total to date I’ve spent just over $6,000 NZ. A lot of the purchases have been luck, and in the case of the engine I sold off all of the ancillaries for almost what the engine cost me.

Friends and family have donated parts and materials. There’s a lot of washing machine, cooker and (now) cooker hood metal in the build.

The reaction from Facebook/RNS/Old School and Drivetribe has been excellent. It’s definitely helped me get out into the garage, and pushed me to make it better than even I imagined.

It will be finished by Christmas. I’m not saying which Christmas.

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Having crewed on a drag car running on the strips of NZ for a while now it was obvious that I couldn’t get away with leaving the turbos open and sexy under the arches like all of the Drag Week/Street Outlaw guys. Particularly at Meremere where we dig out a sack full of small rocks after every run which would bugger the turbos straight away.

So these big-old snorkels will draw clean (and cold-ish) air from behind the grille and duct it to the angry snails.

More updates and pics on the facebook page.


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