Advokit's 1983 Toyota Trueno AE85

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The day finally arrived. Up at 4am to pickup and tow the car down to Taupo. Pics below for your viewing pleasure.






Car went solidly all day, the gear ratios of the J160 is amazing on the track and the Cusco LSD certainly helps keep the car planted. I did really notice the lack of rear swaybar though (ran out of time to fit it) and of course my cheap chinese tyres, but it was still the most fun I have had in a long time!

So now I have a solid list of thing to work on before the next track day and also working towards getting it certed/road legal. Happy days.

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So long time no update. Have been chipping away at the minor things over the last year to get this thing closer to being road legal. Not too many things to go to get legal but have been working on getting it track ready for this Octobers Jerkfest track day. 


Finally got the Bride Brix mounted up and sitting at an acceptable height.



Also picked up a TOM'S ECU - makes a fair amount of difference to mid range torque compared to factory ECU. Also removes speed cut and up rev limit to 8400rpm.



Found some new/old stock Pioneer parcel shelf speakers. 



Got around to undersealing the whole bottom of the car and also made up some driveshaft loops.  Also painted the gearbox crossmember and shortened the studs on the runner mount.




Also managed to do a few more bits like fitted rear the swaybar, bought some Direzza ZII Semis, fitted AE86 accelerator pedal. Did Cambelt,Water pump etc also.

As it sits currently:



So the list to get it legal currently stands at:

- NSDT cert for the front struts

- Fit new speedo pickup

- Fix rust spots in doors

- Replace seat belts

- Fix hole in rear muffler

- Align Headlights

- Do skids (oh wait, too late)

Im aiming to drive it to Leadfoot this year so I better get cracking!


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More progress over the weekend.  Car is pretty much sorted now for the Track day just need a wheel alignment now.

As for getting it legal I will leave most of that till after Taupo now. 



Fitted up the larger of the AE86 accelerator pedals. Mine had the smaller plastic one which was useless for heel-toe action. Ive since painted it black. 



Also finally received my replacement Speedo driven gear, I ended up buyng from Amayama as it was half the price from local Toyota dealer. The one I had was 33/10 (driven gears/drive gears) the replacement is 35/10. Slammed it in and now the Speedo is pretty much bang on. 




Also made a last minute purchase of Cusco front and rear swaybars, we installed them over the weekend and man do they make a difference! I just need to find 20mm rear swaybar bushes in Prothane/Nolathane. The ones that came in my bush kit only go up to 16mm I think. Factory rubber ones will have to suffice for now.

Cant wait to give this thing a good thrash at Taupo now.




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