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SillyVohcer's Vauxhall Firenza "Droopsnoot"


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Ok, next was to get the engine home and start the transplant. It's going to be tight in there!

As you can probably see in the background, I had pulled the engine and subframe out of the Firenza by this stage to clean it up and paint it.


This is the engine bay as it was before starting. Got to get rid of that green!


And the old donk out.


The process involved using a engine crane to lift the car up away from the subframe with engine in place, then place jackstands to keep the car in the air so that the crane can be wheeled out of the way, then roll the subframe forward and out from under the car. I could then use the crane to lift the engine of the subframe . It's a process that's for sure, but has worked well and it's great to have the subframe out of the car for pre-fitting the new engine.


The next step I took was to prep the engine bay for painting. Before that though I installed a new clutch master cylinder and converted the clutch pedal from a pull-cable to push-rod. I don't have pics of the pedal mods at the moment, but here is the cylinder in place, tucked nicely in alongside the brake booster.


Yep, it's snug!


Then everything stripped out.


I could see problems lurking under the battery tray and knew that it would have to be removed to investigate.

Sure enough, nasty stuff but thankfully only surface rust. Will relocate the battery to the boot and remove the tray permanently for a less cluttered look.


After that was taken care of, the fun begins with prep work. Got to love all those fiddly shapes and edges in an engine bay!


I decided on painting the engine bay black, as that was how the "Droopsnoots" were factory done back in the day. Borrowed a compressor and gun from work and squirted it.

I'm not entirely happy with the finish up close so it may get another shot later, but for now it is much improved.


About this time I also acquired a personalised plate for the car. This plate had been on the car many years ago when it originally had a very rare & genuine Vauxhall TC engine. The engine and plate were removed by a previous owner and used in a Chevette HSR replica rally car. A shame not to have that engine now, but this new one will pay homage to it nicely I think.I have a pic somewhere of the old TC engine which I will find and post. He still had the plate and I was able to convince him to part with that.


Next up is numerous trial fittings of the engine and subframe to get the engine/gearbox in the right place. More tomorrow.








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