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Found 1 result

  1. **updated for January 2019 ride. It's finally time for the next Auckland ride! SAVE THE DATE! Saturday 26th May, 2018********************Couple of bits of info regarding this ride:START TIMES. Plan on meeting at Service Denim (208 Ponsonby Road) at 9.30am for a departure time of around 10.00am. For the true Aucklander Experience there is a coffee shop (Rocket Espresso) right by our start point and you should have enough time to grab a extra skinny decaffee soy mochalatte to sip on whilst leaning against your moped and intimidating passers by.PARKING. For those of you who are coming from out of town or don't trust their scooters enough to ride in, there is free car parking on the side roads in the surrounding area off Ponsonby road and there should be enough space for trailers ect. Find somewhere to park, unload and ride up to Service Denim. We will be meeting out front of service denim. There's two car parks and hopefully one will free up for us to meet in/otherwise just pile on the footpath. Finish point will be in about the same place. GAS: There are a couple of gas stations close to the start point. It's about a 40km loop planned so make sure you have adequate fuel. Mobil 565 Karangahape Road Z 5-9 Williamson Avenue BP 47 Jervois Road And there's a few on the route if need be. DURATION: When we did a run through the other day it took about 3 hours to do the loop. Including stopping for lunch and sharns on the way. Anything can happen on the day, but this won't be an all day event. ******************** A decent jaunt around central Auckland, starting in Ponsonby, including a cruise down Queen Street, Mission Bay and the Auckland Domain. This event is hosted by Moped NZ, the ride will be lead by mopeds. The older, and more obscure; the better. However, new and standard mopeds/small bikes are welcome and encouraged. CC ratings will be capped at 250cc, otherwise the charm is lost for the smaller capacity crew. Speeds won't exceed 60kph, there will be several stops along the 40+km route for photo/maintenance opportunities. Safety is paramount, so just make sure you've got your wits about you, Helmet, current rego etc etc. The ride will start at Service Denim in Ponsonby. Please check the page for a route map. Spread the word, any questions, just ask! The more the merrier. Message myself, @GuyWithAviators or @Shakotom for more deets. Come hang.