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Found 1 result

  1. Gidday, Thought I'd start a thread on an HB viva I've just bought. It comes with a built 2.3l slant engine which apparently is a certified ripper but has probably been sitting for 10 years... I actually know very little about it, it's been a friends for as long as I can remember and he had some motivation a while back and got the body work done & painted it. Put in the GT grill and got GT badges. But these days he hasn't looked at it for years. Talking turkey with him at New Year 2018-19 and I said I'd look to buy it off him and finish it up and just sealed the deal about 6months later. I'm guessing the job list is: Strip engine, inspect, hone and replace rings. Build exhaust & extractors Rebuild carbs Radiator Install driveline. Clutch, gearbox & diffs largely unknown. But I think there are some spares from a 1.3l HC viva... Install MSNZ cage Entier braking system Poly bushes Springs & shocks Wheels & tyres Race seats, harness Fit enough interor to meet HSC class That should be the worst of it haha Anyway, I'm keen on some guidance on how to set this car up. E.g. springs to suit the 2.3l. Tips and tricks to set the car up for circuit racing. Brake components from other vivas etc. Won't be much work happening until I go collect it from the South Island which I think is going to be New Year 2019-20. Just want to get a bit of a plan in place and start keeping an eye out for any parts needed to get this finished up. Discussion thread here: Cheers, Pete