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Found 2 results

  1. Hi guys, so hopefully this is the discussion area for my sons HC Viva. Can somebody help me and explain how I link these together please? Cheers, James Build Thread ->
  2. Hi guys, So my son passed his test to drive and asked me to make good on the promise of his first set of wheels. He picked a Viva. It's a one family car showing 66k kilometres and I'm guessing it been round at least once if not twice. It's 42 years old and worn out, but all original and no rust. He's been driving it for the last 10 months but the oil leaks was costing me a fortune in oil packs so time to start on it. The plan is to Magnum'ise it with the twin headlight set up. Colour of choice is jet black with an all black interior as well. I've recently just bought from the UK a 7 clock dash (photo below) to replace the original strip gauge. The factory floor console is a bit lack lustre so I'll be making a new centre console to house the new switchgear for the heated seats, power windows, light switch, USB power supply etc. I'm also fitting central locking and an aftermarket rear window demister. Wheels was going to be Cheviot/Aunger 5 slot mags but they are a bit tricky to find in 13". As far as motor running gear goes it was going to be all original but rebuilt. My son isn't into going fast but he is into cool hence most of the budget was to be spent making the car look good. As in really, really, good. However I've come to a bit of a crossroad, in that the cost to rebuild the original motor so far is $2293 and thats not even the whole bill yet. I don't mind paying that (I'm paying for the whole build) but coupled with the fact that the gearbox is totally knackered and I'm thinking its a lot of dosh te do motor and box and end up with 80'ish horsepower. So I'm debating a later model atmo engine/gearbox swap which will probably return a better L/km due to power to weight ratio and a very light right foot. I feel that although he may not want to go fast he should have a bit more power to be able to merge into traffic and generally get the hell out of the way so at this stage I'm leaning towards the SR20DE motor and box. Not one for making rash decisions, I'm going to look into it a bit more over the next week. Must be picture time surely... Here's the lad just after we got the car And the car in the garage, about to begin And the 7 clock dash Discuss here ->