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Found 2 results

  1. The Dream started in 2001, a need for speed, something crazy and unique. Something Oldschool! I had cut my teeth with lots of escort previously, the 2l pinto motor just didn't have the power I wanted. My first choice was a cosworth engine, but I needed both kidney to drink beer with, so that wasn't an option At the time the sr20det wasn't that popular engine, drifting wasn't around. i m manged to track down a complete engine, g/box and loom for 2k. mrmk1 was getting a new heart transplant! More Power Required Big Diff and Rear Disc Brakes. - Shorten 7.5inch F series toyota crown diff, 3.9 Ma61 supra LSD Custom Fueling and tank by Herbert's Fabrication Roll cage was fabricated by Jono Climo.. the master craftsman!
  2. So i ended up buying another Chevette at the start of this year. You can check out my other Chevette here //oldschool.co.nz/index.php?/topic/25371-friendlyfires-chevette-hs-c20xe/#entry643012 which is still sitting in a shed in Nelson as i have now moved to Blenheim. Once i have settled down in Blenheim and have a decent garage, progress will then continue on that one. So my recent purchase was this lime green chevette (Registered as a Chevanne because it never had rear seats as was used by the post for deliveries) key features of the car is Sr20 engine, gear box, Isuzu Piazza Diff, Steering rack, front brakes. The car was very rough when i first got it, lots of broken and missing items (indicator stalk, window winders, center console, mirrors, bumpers, rev guage, gearbox leak, front brakes) but all those are easy fixes which have now been repaired. apart from one thing which i am having a very hard time finding which is the big rubber donut torque tube diff mount everyone that i have tried knows nothing about it and cant get them, the torque tube is isuzu piazza but im sure holden gemini would be the same? so any help with that would be much appreciated. The reason behind the purchase is that i finished uni last year and scored myself a sweet job in Blenheim but i didnt have a car on the road at that stage so instead of buying a cheap 90's jap car i decided to go old school as my daily and i love chevettes so it was a no brainer. The futures plans for this car is nothing crazy at the moment, will continue to tidy it up and add features to improve quality of life as im driving it each day This is the car as i got it Stole the springs and wheels off my other chevette as i am not a fan of driving the chevette on 17" wheels which scrape all the time and on springs pretty much touch the bump stops and get crazy bump steer. Heres the car after putting on wing mirrors, springs the raise it up, wheels, front and rear bumpers Father and sons car cruze, went out to marahau to catch up with Alex (yoeedynz)
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