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Found 3 results

  1. Hey guys, first post on here so don't judge the bad post setup Recently (as in back in May) noticed a 300zx z31 for sale down in Christchurch while looking for a new car. Never really heard anything about them but instantly fell in love with the 80's style and the pornstar interior. Turns out one of my mates was travelling down to Christchurch that upcoming weekend to buy a S14 so the plans were made. Got down to Christchurch from Nelson on Saturday and went to go view the Z. Slightly rough exterior(paint chips, fading etc) but nothing that couldn't be fixed. Interior was mint and it sounded and drove awesome so I bought it. We drove around Christchurch and even through Littleton Tunnel with a (almost..) straight pipe exhaust, sounded mean....even set off some car alarms Temperature gauge was hovering just below half way the entire time which is normal. On the trip back to Nelson that night, everything seemed fine. Had to pull over due to a accident with a car towing a boat on the trailer flipping over(hope they were alright, car looked alright though) and noticed steam coming out from under the bonnet. Then noticed it had no coolant in the radiator or hoses. Radiator hoses were just fine, no leaks or anything. Main suspect was a small hose under the intake manifold. But as it was about 10pm and getting a tow truck was too expensive, and we had no tools or parts etc. decided we were going to leave the Z sitting in a paddock while we went back up to Nelson. Next day, drove down again with a mate and his Hilux and car trailer. Picture of it on the trailer Drove all the way back, almost ran out of diesel, but finally got it home. Then took up the task of finding that leak. Found the shagged hose, then discovered that it wasn't the only leak and found a big split on the coolant pipe to the throttle body Fixed all that and the Z lives again. Thankfully it didn't overheat Picture of it on the front lawn Notice the fully sick Settlement aka Honda City? That's going to have it's own dedicated post soon. I've got some big plans for that beast Also found out that I actually bought the Z off a fellow old school member Fliboi Link to his post on this exact car //oldschool.co.nz/index.php?/topic/47732-flibois-1986-z31-fairlady/
  2. Hi just starting my build thread for our 1976 triumph 2.5tc after many months of looking for a car to buy this trump came up for sale in Nelson, with many messages we decided to make the trip from Dunedin and meet in Christchurch, After 1 hour of owning trumpy we pulled over in Ashburton to check all was ok and noticed we had oil leaking every where After 5 hours of waiting we managed to get trailered back to timaru, stayed the night and up early to fix it to get the old girl home, as we were taking the filter housing off we noticed the o rings had split, the previous owner left the old one when he did his last oil change. after a trip to repco new oil, filter kit and a few washes we had her holding oil again. it turns out the bolt holding the housing on was to long and this may be why there was two o rings to try and seal it. after a very long two days we finally made it home and trumpy got a much needed wash after getting use to the car we decided there was some things we wanted to tidy up started to paint the air filter assembly and give all the chrome a good polish. we also put new plugs and leads as it looked like the had been on there since new, as we topped up the wiper fluid we seen it was clogged and filled with algey.... who knows how long that has been sitting with trumpy all clean and running much better we took it for a drive. since owning it have noticed the starter motor has been occasionally sticking on and yesterday went to turn it on we had nothing only ignition lights .... after a few descent wacks with a hammer she started ( no hills where we live) so we are on the look out for a replacement and any advice on our one , we are also looking for a manual gear box overdrive would be preferred here is our link to the discussion thread //oldschool.co.nz/index.php?/topic/53434-matt-lauras-1976-triumph-25tc/#entry1729123 the next job on our list is sort the starter motor.
  3. So this this is my first post on old school.co.nz.. just showing off the 1978 Sigma "granny spec" let me know what you all think. Open to ideas on what to do to her
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