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Found 1 result

  1. So thought I'd start a thread as after selling my triumph to zebradude i needed a tow bar..... and something to accommodate the holden transplant i kept from it enter the $1499 vx commodore with the cracked head 1$ reserve on trademe. Upon arriving to collect i was met by a morbidly obese women who promptly showed me to my prize informing me it wouldn't get me home (like fuck it wont i thought) i filled the dry overflow bottle which immediately emptied itself onto the grass and topped up the radiator. I had a rummage around the back of this car and found a empty coke bottle filled it with water jammed it amongst things in the engine bay and put the overflow hose in it and set off in the dark from middle of nowhere bay. No dramas at all 9 months later and several radiator flushes later and 1 plastic overflow tank calling this the best car ive owned. Bonus score just realized it is also packing king springs and some form of lovely shocks after wondering why it handled so damned well. Enter vx commodore number 2 was looking for mags and spotted this on Facebook it was on for 2 grand i got the guys number and forgot about it for 3 weeks come into a bit of cash decided i wonder...... yup still had it arranged to look mags were gone when i got there but damn the leather upholstery was mint and all the electrical goodies worked for a calais. Fuck it was grubby though popped the bonnet an spotted the blower an contained my excitement just long enough to get it for $1800 straight to wash world got all the grime off to reveal quite severe stone chips everywhere, looks nice in rain at least. Just gave it a full birthday today fluids oil coolant and celebrated with some sneaky rain snakys. So now comes the hard choice do i cull the plain v6 and keep its suspension for the calais or drop my v8 in the lumina add race seats and hit the track? Keeping the calais as a daily or up the boost and race that. Spoiled for choice at moment will get some photos up soon.
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