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  1. So, After being out of the oldschool game for maybe 5-6 years. Ive found myself drawn to rusty old cars again.


    After Owning a series of rusty old toyotas (gx61, gx71, jzx81, gz20, mz11, and more recently jzx90) all with various engine swaps 1jz-gte,1uz, 1g-gte,1g-gze


    I have never had a chance to really play with carby cars/pushrods etc, so im stoked to be learning with this new project.


    The car is a 1972 Datsun 1200 coupe, it belonged to my Mums cousin around 30 years again, and to my nana for maybe the last 25 years. She can no longer drive and has some alzheimer's, She had always promised to leave the car to me when this happened so now here we are.


    Car is in pretty good nick, outside is pretty rusty around the rear tailgate section, lower guards, and some spots around rear window and sills. 


    Seats are looking abit shabby with the vinyl all cracked and carpet is pretty no good. Rego and wof has run out as of last year so shouldnt be too hard to get back to a wofable state.


    Went around yesterday, chucked a new fan belt and a set of new sparkplugs with a new battery, a can of start ya bastard and it started mint. Runs and idles really well.


    Basically want to keep it pretty original, with it fairly low on some 14x7's or simlar, make the motor ait more grunty and sounding cool, and drive it around now and then.


    So im going to need some tips, with regards to Motor mods, and suspensions ( shocks/springs/pick a part etc) and Cams/springs/Bike carbs?/ headers and zaust? Also G/box and diff i hope will be ok.


    Thanks in advance







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  2. Modifiy knuckles, Sand em back and black em and no warrant place will ever know.

    Basically you need to drop the outer pick up point for the a arm. No super hard to do, try find some bolts with the largest cam lobe and get a piece of channel folded up to weld on

  3. Yea prolly just some shitty unmatched set up. Try get some adjustable bump/rebound shocks for the rear so you have some tune-abilty. TBH its always gana be hard to horey up some set up and hope it handles nice. You might be able to buy a BC rear shock separate?