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  1. So I've finally lowered it properly!! Got 4 cobra springs all heavy duty. The front coils are from a falcon and are 60 percent harder. Ive also had Canterbury gaurd rolling out and had the front guards rolled and flared and the rear guards rolled so its ready to tuck some tyres. The gaurd flaring was actually really rough and im a bit gutted. The rear springs are getting a custom compression done as they are far to high standard. Its about a 3inch drop in the front and 3.5 inch drop in the rear and I imagine they will come down some more as time goes on.
  2. Ill keep my eyes open for another one, otherwise I'm looking at getting a 2jz gte for it next year. Will be expensive but fucking cool!
  3. I'm keeping my eyes out for a well priced 2jz-gte aswell. Here is a pic of the overdrive switch set up. I'm happy with how it looks.
  4. Got the new rims on, and the 4 speed is in and doing okay, it has a slow change from 2nd to 3rd so im thinking a tranny flush wouldn't hurt.
  5. The rim has arrived, I think it looks good. Just fits in the guard. Trying to see if I can get some 17x7 for the front as the 17x8s are just a lil to big.
  6. I am also thinking about a engine conversion in the far future, its either a 1uz which i would turbo or a 2jzgte(if i win lotto). Could anyone enlighten me on what type of 1uz I will need. I know it should be from a uzs131 but I think that will be bloody hard to find especially since most importers don't list the model vehicle it comes from. Is this the right type? https://www.trademe.co.nz/2810351471
  7. We've had some trouble finding the reverse light wiring on the wagon so will pull apart boot and find wiring color and go from there. It seems that the 4th gear or overdrive is electronic so im going to put on a old style chrome marine pull switch that will look cool, I've got a old crystal red light that can go beside it and burn when in 4th. I think the manual electronic selection of 4th gear is the only way we can do it. NOTE- am now caught up. Posted all my progress over 1.5 months in one day as just started thread. So ill now continue with sporadic updates.
  8. I've put the 4 speed transmission in it with a mate for 2 nights after work. Many beers later and a bit of modifying gear box mounts and cross members we have it fitting. The knock down is set up and I've tried making a drive shift that fits out of the original and the other piece I've gotten but its to small. The piece that goes into the transmission only just slides in so have organized to get the original shortened by 40mm so it will fit in perfectly. Trying my luck on not getting it balanced as its only $120. Where the balancing and shortening is $280. Can always get it balanced later on.
  9. I put my mates cragars on it and really liked the era authentic look so have been looking to get myself a set. I think it will look bloody cool sacked on its ass with this style rim. His are 15x7. Ive found a set of new 17x8 with black spokes on trade me that I think would look sick. Ive got one being sent up for fitment so will check to see how it looks when they arrive
  10. Went and got the windscreen resealed as it was leaking like a sive, also had a wing mirror glass cut and a couple holes in the rear window sealed. Ive taken it out boozing a few times now and am slowly but surely falling in love with it. So I've decided that the 3 speed in it is to rough on the engine. I'm sure its sitting at 4k revs at 100 and I can't deal with 250ks to a tank. Posted on a few Facebook pages in Nz making enquiries about diffs and gearbox conversions and a fella in Christchurch has hooked me up with a ms110 four speed for $200. He also gave me the oil cooling lines and front h
  11. I've had no luck finding any of the parts I need so far so I might look at trying to decipher the asian websites and ordering some stuff from overseas which I've never done before. I've installed half of my sounds trying to keep everything nice and tidy. Which is tough for me as I'm a lil rough, I blame my first and other current project being a rusted hilux full of landcruiser parts for that haha. I've gone for a full pioneer sounds set up, bought everything at my local repco and nudged the dude there down on price the best I could. I bought a nice bt headunit and put it in pulling out the o
  12. So things i wanted to get sorted after that, finding a passengers front door glass as it just has perspex or what ever its called. I wanted to get a nice head unit in it and do the sounds. I also wanted to start looking for all the little bits and bobs that are going to take the car back to its not original glory but new found glory. Which are 3 custom badges, a back left rear tail light red plastic, a front right in the bumper indicator plastic, potentially a front grill, the one I have isn't bad but it has cracks so will keep my eyes open. In my eyes I'm not worried about the rough paint, I
  13. So it failed the wof obviously but not by anything serious. Ball joint was a bit of a bastard to find and had ring around everywhere in Christchurch to get one out. I was also looking for a gearbox mount as the one I have is absolutely toasted but I didn't have any luck. It only now is coming to my attention how rare these 80 series crowns are in NZ. The idler bush i just whacked a nut behind to tighten it up as I couldn't find a new one in NZ. As for the rear tire the spare was the matched one and held air but only for a day but that was enough for the wof. Just a bulb and a new 5 and 3/4 sea
  14. So during the week working on it I had to get the thing running right, that took points, condenser and new fuel electronic fuel pump. Roughly around $150 all together. Once that was put in me and my mechanic mate had quite a few beers one night after work and got it running mint. Sorted out some starter wiring and now she run and drove on the key. Now we took it for a wof to fail. Also i did all the filters and fluid changes. Spent a fair bit of time fixing the gear shifter and knock down as they were installed incorrectly and nuts where only hand tight. This is the first time I've had anythin
  15. Discussion thread First build thread so am still working out website. Hope everyone enjoys and feel free to add comments as am still learning so much about these crowns. Earlier in the year I had purchased my first toyota crown. I've been a long time toyota fan building them and playing with them since I was 16 (8 years ago). I brought it off a fella in Christchurch and coincidentally had a week off work at the time. So I spent the next week getting the thing a wof as it hadn't had one in 10 years. Its a mettalic blue Ms83 crown wagon. Rough around the edges but it ran, it dr
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