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  1. 1 minute ago, fuel said:

    At least I'm not the dickhead who quoted a TVNZ One News branding it as a Stuff article - seems you're used to being triggered by any Stuff article that you thought this was one too. Do yourself a favour and log off the internet will ya.

    Been on this site for quite a while now, you're the first person that I've come across who wants to to troll like a 14 year old old on Facebook.

  2. 34 minutes ago, hampie said:

    "mY sUv HaS a RaNgE oF 600" Not everyone wants to burn fossil fuel. Yeah you can do it faster with a combustion engine but that's not the point of the article. This is literally about a man showing that EVs are getting capable of more than just commuting across the city. They haven't always been and this is a positive step, the tech is getting better. Why bother with starting a whole new top talking smack and nit picking the small details? 35min per stop is what someone would take for a lunch break, not many people would be travelling that distance non stop anyway. Just breathe and relax man.

    So, you've fallen for the 'EV's' don't burn fossil fuel' con?

    New Zealand does not have 100% sustainable electricity. Any increase in demand is met by fossil fuel generation. 35 mins per stop is pretty impressive until you realise that it is only possible on the limited network of charging stations because there are so few EV's using them.Currently, if three or more EV's want to recharge in, say New Plymouth, The waiting time would be longer. A refuel that takes seven times as long as a conventional fill will require a complete rethink of our electricity networks. In order to facilitate long distance travel, every new build home would need a charge point, and  a complete new network of park and charge facilities will be needed. At present,. EV owners are parasites on the road, paying nothing in taxes.Will  allegedly 'green' fuel' still be financially attractive when the government finds that it is losing revenue and starts taxing EV fuel? Massive additional power generation capacity would be required to make a significant switch to an electric fleet, with no guarantee that a  far more effective hydrogen  engine would not make the whole lot superfluous within a decade.

    Those of us who were promised the earth by CNG powered vehicles know the pitfalls of poor design and execution. Let's not get too excited while EV's are still a novelty.


  3. Just got the older Xtrail back from a good tidy up, paint looks awesome, lights look shite.

    Don't want to spit out $500 for new copies, don't have a spare arm and leg for factory originals

    Anyone recommend a good way to get them clear again?


  4. https://www.tvnz.co.nz/one-news/new-zealand/just-easy-petrol-electric-car-driver-cruises-finish-line-in-bluff-after-record-setting-journey

    SET A NEW RECORD FOR THE JOURNEY BY EV? - wait, there's a record for EV'S? What's the comparative record for non EV's?

    JUST UNDER 48 HOURS? Google maps says 29 hours.

    Just SIX 35 MINUTE REFUEL STOPS?  My mediocre light SUV has a range of 600km . Starting with a full tank, that's 3 refueling stops, 15 minutes max, including time for a shit and a coffee to go. And if someone beats me to the fuel pump, there are hundreds more along the way to choose from. or wait an extra 5 minutes.

    "I don't think you could've done it much faster in a petrol car, if at all, actually,"    yes you can. and the only difference is where the fossil fuels get burned.


  5. 35 minutes ago, cletus said:

    Grey plug is usually to plug a battery in for jump starting, more likely in your case to connect 12v to a caravan or something 

    USB will be for charging your phone etc

    Round plug is probably an auxiliary in plug for the radio so you can play music from a phone or other device  

    Great stuff, bought the car from the original 'little old lady', 40k on the clock and her son looked after it for her. Thanks for your help.

    33 minutes ago, cletus said:


    Thanks for the name, found two sets on Trademe. Might buy the one with free shipping, lol.

    Capture vv.PNG

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  6. So for the first time since forever, I have bought a car that is not a piece of crap. 2012 Xtrail. Don't hate me, it's perfect for my mobility related issues.

    It has features that I'm not familiar with, any info would be great.


    1. Grey electrical socket to right of tow bar. Appears to be wired direct to battery terminals, car also  has standard trailer plug .


    2. USB socket and round socket in centre  console. I'm guessing its related to the stereo, but have lived technology-free for far too long.

    CAN anyone please explain it like I'm 5 for me? Cheers!



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