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  1. Well after owning for 8 months ive discovered the extent of the rust in the old girl.

    sadly the repairs in the A pillar, above the RHS door and the B Piller didn't hold although they were done in 2011 so maybe I shouldn't take anything away from the work carried out.

    have also found rust in the cab floor, driver side fire wall, Driver door and worst area being the driver side sill and cab mount.

    anyway pictures speak 1000 words as they say so enjoy or cry. I wont lie I may have shed a tear or two along the way.

    I Should add that I'm not a panel beater and this is the first time doing anything like this. All learning as I go.














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  2. Hi all.


    Needing to bring over a bonnet and some other bits from Aussie. The company I'm buying from only use tnt and don't provide insurance aaand is going to cost 600$.

    Can anyone recommend someone to use. Price isn't to bad as it's all insurance covered but they say I'm not to use air freight. Typical.



    Mat .


  3. Hi all,


    I'm in the hunt for a replacment ignition barrel and keys for my datsun 1600 however I can't seem to find anyone who sells them. I can find them via e bay Australia but the company doesn't ship to nz, well at least via there e bay site.

    Can anyone recommend anyone who does them


    I've attached a picture to show what I'm after




  4. I've just brought a full seal kit, diaphragms and float valves for my twin dellorto setup from hi-tech motorsport in drury. Bob was very helpful and friendly cost me $200 for the bits.

    I've also spoken and delt with Murray at weber specialties in the last 2 weeks. Brought a linkage kit from him and was very helpful even after receiving it, not reading the instruction properly and calling him asking dumb questions he came across very helpful and friendly too.

    Having meet Bob at hi-tech and not personally met Murray I'd recommend hitech

  5. Not sure if this is the right place for this so please move if required.

    Just curios if anyone has come across a mk2 ford escort panel van that's been highly modified.

    It's been roof chopped and had the front crossmember of a holden Gemini welded in to suite a 350 Chev engine.

    Also the rear doors were split horizontally.

    Also big big flairs.

    Was built many moons ago and was used as a drag car

    When I owned it i sold it to a guy in Hamilton who then sold it on. I've managed to contact both of these guys and received photos from them.

    The last I saw of it was trademe about 8yrs ago and it had been stripped back to bare metal then clear coated and had a blown v8 thrown in.I've been told it pops on trademe every now and then but never sells.

    I'd love to find it and see what's happened to to it.

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