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  1. Has anyone gone through the import process for a modern car? I need a new car for hauling the family and most car dealers are just scum to deal with.

    Ovalconnect was mentioned earlier and I've been look at upcoming auctions and following the results to start getting an idea of how it all works. Are there any other sites that I should look at? Any pitfalls to watch out for?

  2. I did get the Torin 3T low profile in the end, got it from Tool and Industrial in East Tamaki.


    Comes with a pair of 3T axle stands for $249 which is pretty good value and was cheaper than Waitemata Hydraulics at the time. And the jack has performed really well, had read reviews that the release could be quite severe but haven't found that to be the case. I'd recommend it, definitely worth considering.

  3. I have the 3T Torin as per Waitemata Hydraulics and seems to work sweet once you work out the nuances of letting it down - can be savage until you get the hang of it.


    Thanks, it's always better to hear what people who've actually used a product think of it. I might have to head in store and see if I can have a better look at one of these, they might just fit the bill.


    I still stand by the Wayco ones; http://www.wayco.co.nz/w1001.htm

    I'll have to double check pricing, online the seem to be around $500 a piece, but i'm sure i only pay around $300 for them.

    Edit// Pretty sure I get them for $350


    Not sure the budget will quite stretch to a Wayco, although I'm sure they're worth every cent.

  4. Epic thread dredge


    I'm looking at getting a decent jack in the next little while just for home garage use, looking in the $200-300 range. I've read through everyones opinions from a couple of years back and wondered if anyone has changed their opinion on any of the jacks recommended after using them for a couple of years? Or maybe there's other options around now that weren't then?


    Anyone had any experience with Torin brand jacks? Have seen a Torin 3T low profile jack advertised for $250 at a local tool supply shop but have read that they can be slow to lift and a bit savage when letting the car down no matter how gently you operate the release valve. Wondered if anyone has had any hands on experience with this brand.


    Or can anyone share their experience with the Pro-lift jacks from Repco? I saw one the other day for about $240, but I didn't have much time to look at it with toddler in tow. I think it was like the one on the right in this picture I've randomly grabbed from the net.


  5. Glad to see you put up a build thread for the sapphire. Will be following along with interest.


    I've got a pair of front cossie calipers you can have for the cost of postage if you want? They've been in pieces for a few years and one of the bolts has snapped off in the other half of the caliper, so not in brilliant shape but salvageable with a bit of work. Even given all that it's not like you can call them overpriced! I can't remember if they're off a 2wd or a 4wd, will check next time I'm round at my parents place. 


    Let me know if you're keen.

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