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  • 5 weeks later...

Yesterday was my first day back on the cars, so I spent the morning giving the Moke and the Mustang a good bath.

Over the past few weeks I've been gathering a few bits and pieces for the Mustang so this morning I thought I'd start off by fitting a new set of semi sealed beams and Narva LED bulbs up front. First off kudos to @raizer for pointing me in the direction of the Narva LED H4 globes. What a fine piece of kit they are. The box is marked "not ADR approved for off-road use only" but I'm going to pretend that I haven't read that.

Only mod I needed to make was to open up the hole in the rubber seals as the LED globes are a bit fatter than the standard H4 jobbies, but apart from that it was pretty much plug and play. 

Finished off the job by fine tuning the adjustment on the high beams. The light is nice and crisp and makes the old sealed beams look like candle light.

Thanks for looking. 





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Next job on the list is to re-commission the factory fitted air-conditioning.

The previous owner had removed the compressor and its mounting bracket as well as the condenser that normally sits between the front grill and the radiator. 

Just before Christmas I got a short gap and managed to put the compressor back in place. The drive belt was AWOL so I measured up for a new one which I ordered online. The compressor is a newer style rotary job rather than the factory piston style, so someone has given it a birthday somewhere along the line.

Anyhoo, first up was to fit the new belt. Instant fail as its just too short, so I've cocked up somewhere along the line. Measured it again and I get the same measurement so obviously I'm doing something wrong. No matter as what I ordered is a match for the power steering belt, so at least I've now got a spare and I'll order in a longer belt for the a/c.

Thought I'd move on to re-fitting the condenser and this is where it gets interesting.

First thing that I noticed is that the PO has put a pusher electric fan in the spot where the condenser usually sits and even if I sandwich the condenser between the pusher fan and the radiator there is no way that I will have enough space to be able clear the bonnet catch panel.



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So I turned my attention to the other side of the radiator.

Noticed there is a crappy looking conventional fan blade fitted with a ruddy long spacer and a cheap plastic radiator shroud that has been butchered somewhere along the line. Nice !

From factory the a/c had no helper fan and from what I've been able to ascertain from Uncle Google the setup just relied on the standard engine fan moving air through the condenser when stationary. Not ideal as far as I'm concerned.

I'm not a fan (excuse the pun) of the manual flex fans and still recall our maiden voyage in our Bedford van down to the Beach Hop when I first fitted the 350 small block. I just had a flex fan at the time and I started sweating bullets watching the temp gauge steadily rise into the red when we hit traffic on the way down. Upgraded to twin electric fans and never looked back. 

So what I'm thinking is to bin the manual fan blade, spacer and crappy shroud and to chuck in two electric pull fans. One I'll keep on the existing temperature switch and the other I'll connect up to the a/c. Here in Queensland we pretty much run a/c in our cars all year round, so its likely both fans will be running most of the time anyway.

So to prove my theory I started off by removing all of the manual stuff and just left the electric pusher fan in place. Took the Mustang for a quick spin to see if there was any difference in engine temp. Did my usual circuit and the temp gauge sat normal all the way, so I'm almost convinced that the manual fan and half arsed shroud were providing little to no benefit.

I've chucked a tape measure on my radiator and on my next trip into town I'll visit my local wreckers to see if I can source a set of dual fans and a matching shroud from some other vehicle. 

Thanks for reading.




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