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Wagnats 2022 - Feb 4th~8th


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Oh hi there. Surprised there wasn't a thread created the day after last Wagnats but we're here now with only 83 days until Allan's birthday. 


Waitangi Day is on the Sunday, with Monday being observed. Loose dates likely Friday 4th to Tuesday 8th, but as always, turn up when ya want and leave when ya want. 

Cans are better than glass, remember your sunscreen, leave it as you found it, prize table stationed outside Rodgee's wag, don't fall down Mt Everest, etc etc, you know the drill. 


Please remember fees are paid online now, rather than cash on entry. 




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Yea, here it is!




Damn, just outta the free period  "Fees to stay at Vinegar Hill come into effect December 15th through to February 9th. Outside of that period camping is free."

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Argh thats cool. Lawl

Oddly me & Rez aint discussed Wagnats. We normally start talking about it months out due to the cost of gas and the ferry. We aint yet. We are both quite likely to be starting new jobs late this year / early next .The Van aint woffed , Ive got my next running race at the end of Feb.

Hmmm. I Hope we can make this work

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