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EOI Dunedin/Otago meet up and cruise Nov/Dec

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I’m hoping to pick up the Rx-7 early/sometime in November on a Saturday from Dunedin so could possibly make it work. Should have a definite date in the next two weeks.

Will try and mobilise the RX boys too. They can normally get about 20 cars together and love a cruise.

Let me make some calls and I’ll report back in a couple of weeks with an update?

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15 hours ago, kiwi808 said:

@Toddy415 Bring the Skyline?

Could be ken, car is drivable at least now. I have a new speed sensor to go in this weekend which should fix one issue. Then down to a vacuum leak I cant find. But car does drive now after months and max dollars!!!! Seem to have sorted all the issues that were causing all sorts of random ever evolving problems.

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5 hours ago, vivaspeed said:

Cool, sounds like a bit of interest.

I reckon we meet somewhere central and then find a few good driving roads  and hoon about then end up somewhere for food/drink?

Open to suggestions.

So id better rob  the good hardware & toss into the gold scavenger




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All of those are good - plenty of interesting driving on the peninsular - out to Allans etc.

Mrs was keen to take the Wagon up the Pig Root to the big opshop in Ranfurly one time in summer, but that may be a bit far for a convoy, it is a nice driveing road.


Also agree we should assemble for a guard of dishonour/bring parts/snags for the shitbox rally

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