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EOI: Punishing shitbox South island tour.

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 I just picked up a 1971 sunbeam rapier for $600, however I dont think its gonna make it anywhere (no engine, or wheels)!

I have just picked up two very awful new VW beetles for $350 each, these kinda just seem a bit too good, although they stink and run a bit rough.

I think the Lancia is mindbendingly awesome, is it the one with cambelt powered steering? if so park it with the wheels straight, because if you start it on full lock it throws off the cambelt!!!


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7 hours ago, 87creepin said:

does it have to be wof/reg?

Depends if you wanna run the risk haha.

Just want to re-iterate for anyone coming along on this. We are not really organizing anything per say. Like it's a sort your own accom spec trip. Once we've got our accom ironed out I'll post in here where we'll be each night.

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14 minutes ago, Slacker_Sam. said:

I think it should be a mandatory thing. I don’t want blood on my hands as “part of that group” if something should happen to you if you have an accident on the trip. 

Yeah this really. I guess reg isn't as much of an issue. But wof should probably be.

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11 hours ago, EpochNZ said:

New beetles are basically a Mk4 Golf with a fancier lid, so just race the other teutonic hatches around.

they are sooooo weird inside, the windscreen is like 3 feet in front of the driver, mk4 golfs on are some of the most unreliable cars out there, I dont know why VW/ Audi started making such terrible cars after the 90s.

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Here are the rough points system so far, subject to change, and for extra stuff to be added onto.

1: Budget challenge

For every dollar spent over the $500 to purchase the car, you will be penalized 1 point. For every dollar under $500 you will gain 1 point. This is just for the purchase price. We didn't include spending money on wof stuff as most cars will more than likely need a little bit of work to get to wof standard if they don't already have one.

2: Working features

You will lose 1 point for every feature (eg. AC, central locking, radio etc etc) that doesn't work.

So the more features your car has, the more chance you have to lose points!


This one is pretty simple, we will find a suitable space and have a good old fashioned drag race, elimination if it's not wide enough for more than 2 cars. 

5 points to the winner, 3 to 2nd, 2 to 3rd, 1 to 4th. Anyone behind that will get nada.

4: Economy

We will all fill up at the same petrol stations along the way to determine who has the most economical vehicle, I'd say the points will go much the same as the drag race. Bonus points for the car thats the worst haha.

5: Form & Function

We will cram as many people in each car as physically possible. 1 point per person, there will be 2 children coming along which will count as 0.5 points.

6: Public opinion

Seeing as we're doing this over the holiday break, we will park up somewhere (queenstown waterfront, picton waterfront etc) with good human traffic and get the public to vote for which car they think is the best/coolest over the course of 30mins. 1 point per vote. This will be each team's chance to woo the general public with their shitbox.

7: Lap time

This will be done on the last day, if we go on the molesworth as planned, each team will complete a 500m stretch of the gravel road. Fastest time wins. 

Or if we go via kaikoura, we'll do a lap of the kaikoura go cart/drift track each. 

Same points as drag race.

8: country of origin

This is where we've rated the shittest cars via their country of origin. Points for the riskiest country

Italy- 100 points

France- 80 points

Rest of Europe- 30 points

America- 50 points

Russia- 30 points

Korea and china- 25 points

Straya- MINUS 20 points


Then the usual rules, make sure you've at least got a wof. Don't be a dick. Etc etc.


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