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Garlic Masters - Auckland Anniversary Weekend - Saturday 29 January 2022 (Tauranga)

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Just a reminder that if you've been invited and will be coming - you need to complete the entry form ASAP. 

I have a list of people that are keen if others pull out and I will start to invite them by the middle of October as I want plenty of time for entrants to be sorted. Invites have already been sent to the maximum number of entrants allowed. I know of a few people that have said they are coming and have sorted stuff but haven't done the form. Don't miss out. Because once spots are full they're full.

Please get it done!

Here's a preview for those coming: 




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Pesting around this weekend figuring out the smaller intricacies of the Venue. 

Gives some idea at the distance between the hill climb and the drag/main track. Made a berm a bit more exciting. 

Should end up pretty fun. Have a BIG BLOCK ain't gonna be the key to winning on that track. Being a mad dog that can turn well and having good tyres will make all the difference. 

It's a first/second gear track on the FX125.


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