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Garlic Masters - Auckland Anniversary Weekend - Saturday 29 January 2022 (Tauranga)

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Here's a DRAFT map. 

Hard to make the track corners look right on paint. But at least it brings a bit more substance to the scale of things. 

Also FYI numbers are already pretty up there with the initial invite list (not sent yet). If you or anyone you know is keen then nows the time to let me know. 

Notes: Track field isn't as flat as it looks. Drag field is flat enough. Hill climb is gonna be silly. More deets coming in invites hopefully this weekend. 


Draft Map.png

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On 20/09/2021 at 21:39, piazzanoob said:


Are all CVT / Twist And Gos and the 125cc limit have any exemptions? not expecting a scooter or bike that have all of the above to be allowed entry or anything  

like a old trutest type thing? as pretty much all of them are CVT

Tru tests are thumb throttle m9. I can't see a rule against poke 'n' squirt's. 

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Just to make it entirely clear. If you aren’t keen on the rules and you are invited, don’t come. Make your own event. I make these events because I want to do stuff I like with my mates and put a lot of hours into making them happen. I love nothing more than seeing people come and have a good time at my events. It’s genuinely the coolest feeling. I put these on with the help of few legendary people and we all put countless hours into making a safe and fun environment for dirt skids. Every event I have created that I’ve charged for actually cost more than I collected and I am entirely fine with that because I do this for fun and not as a way to make money. There are much easier ways to make a few $$$.

Truth be told I took 18 months off holding events because it was mentally overwhelming dealing with the amount of negativity that people would direct towards something literally wouldn’t exist if me and my mates didn’t put some effort in. Im really not trying to sound like a dick but it’s also extremely dull to be on the receiving end of and I have zero time for it anymore.  

So with that said, here’s a very crappy photo of the main track after a week of weed killer. The field is rather un flat but the altitude makes it look otherwise. 

Flew a drone above the track today to get this photo and didn’t have auto focus on (because I’m a spoon). But will head back this weekend and get some nice video of the area to get the pine growing. 


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5 minutes ago, MopedNZ said:

get the pine growing. 


Ah so @BLIZZOis invited. 

side note I appreciate all that you do @MopedNZ - cool stuff wouldn’t happen without a team behind the scenes getting it done. I’m 10/10 excited for this. Already planning some mods to my chaly for the hill climb. 

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