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Garlic Masters - Auckland Anniversary Weekend - Saturday 29 January 2022 (Tauranga)

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Save the date. Full details/invites to come by mid August. 

Saturday 29 January 2022. "Invite only" - Express your interest in the PM's. 

Info for now:
Held on an actual garlic farm near Tauranga, Bay of Plenty - North Island, NZ. 125cc limit. Full details to come with invites. 

Dirt track, hill climb and dirt drags. No MX bikes. Full event classes and bike rules to come with invites. 

Camping available 28th/29th. There will be a cost for this event. TBC. Please limit spam in thread till full details announced. **LIMITED NUMBERS.**



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Probably worth making an update here. Had promised details by mid August. 

Pretty much ironed out the events and the categories. Will throw something up in the next week with more deets. 

Go get ya 5G injection and lets make sure this thing happens. Need you fellas alive to crash your bikes next January. 

A couple of bits of info to tie you over:

- There WILL be camping the night before and after the event. However you'll need to vacate Sunday morning. Night before the event won't be a massive affair.

- NO CVT Twist and Gos. Also 125cc max. 

- It will cost money. Not thousands, but enough to cover stuff like event patch/stickers etc and portaloo. 

- Entry forms will be sent to those that have expressed interest or those that have chatted to me about this. No form, no race. 

- Numbers will be limited, "invite only". We are super bloody lucky that this land is being made available and need to respect that fact. No dickery. 

Anyway, talk soon. Happy building. 




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11 hours ago, MaxPower said:

whats the deal with no twist and goes? are they gay or something

Too easy. Boring. 

In all seriousness, questions like that are the reason I held off doing events for ages. (which is my problem, not anyone elses, but still)

This is for people to get creative and have a laugh with their mates. 

With all the events I've done over the years there has been one thing in common - People keen to suggest how it should be done but they don't actually create their own events. The rules are what they are. 

Everyone has 4+ months to trade their Xbox controllers for a pitty pup and then trade that for a little 125 something. Or smaller. Bring an old 2 stroke. Just no twist and gos. 

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2 hours ago, MopedNZ said:

Like you'd roll one of your CVT's off road....

Plan B, PGO, Daelim, one of the other Gyros are all CVT and would happily thrash off-road without giving a fuck lol.


/I'm not phased either way tbh, if I was coming I'd likely just bring the H100 anyway.

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