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Jack's 1986 Suzuki SJ413


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It seems that this one was assembled in NZ and is very original, it even has the plate number etched on the windows. Based in Wellington we are fortunate to have the south coast 4wd access which I also enjoy diving. So far I have had a couple of trips out.



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First issue to resolve was the headlining. The old one had been pulled out leaving this mess. The orange is left over glue and foam.


So off to bunnings for some 3mm hardboard, then to spotlight for some felt before stopping on the way home to check the conditions.


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Very rainy weekend in Wellington so I decided to tackle some inside jobs. Next thing on the list was the audio system of which I still had the original head unit shown here.


This was just floating about in the car and wasn't wired in but I was keen to use it, if it still worked. I also wanted to have phone connectivity to listen to tunes when outside of radio reception, so I decided to try and add an Aux port to the original head unit. A bit of research showed that this could be achieved by wiring the Aux to the output of the tape preamp. Internally the head unit looked like this.


There were two cables coming from the tape unit. One was connected to a microswitch to presumably detect when a tape is inserted, the other cable was connected to the tape reader thingymabob. This was the one of interest. I followed this cable to the preamp chip and then looked up the datasheet from the numbers written on the chip.


After staring at this for a while and poking around with a multimeter, I worked out that pins 3 and 6 were the left and right outputs from the preamp. I went ahead and connected an Aux socket to these pins and connected the ground to pin 5. I also disconnected power from the preamp as I didnt want it producing any noise.

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Lockdown finally got the better of me today and I decided to have a poke around at the paint bubbles in the passenger door. This was one area of the car that showed less attraction to a magnet so I was already skeptical...


The bog is probably around 10mm thick in parts but fortunately there was no significant rust underneath.


Probably an unnecessary amount of bog considering that the panel is quite straight.


I have already cleaned and rust treated the steel while I work out what to do. I am thinking finish stripping the panel, epoxy primer, filler, and top coat with colour matched rattle can. Would appreciate opinions/experience regarding bog on steel vs epoxy primer first. Seems to be a lot of divided opinions on the matter. Thoughts?

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