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Mr.mk1's Mopar or No Car '70 Dodge Coronet


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18 minutes ago, Chris.QCR said:

Great progress bro ! So good to see back down on the ground too.

Are you doing a bit of panel and paint too ?

I know, Shame the wheels suck! Gonna slap some paint and stripes on to keep the weather out and do it properly in another colour down the track 

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mopars of this era had two different size radiators. not sure if its between a big block and small block v8 or a 6cyl and v8 car. but should have a 3 core rad if its a big block. 

A common mod is to trim the front radiator panel to fit the bigger mopar radiator which your car may need. if you decide you need a replacement radiator a good quality ali radiator can be bought from  http://www.aussiedesertcooler.com.au/index.html they build good ones but price does also reflect that. they also can put the Chrysler emblem on the top tank too. 

work has used them on plenty of cars when the budget allows 

also good to see the progress  

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